Pre-Columbian Mexico

by José Luis Ovalle

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Pre-Columbian Mexican DanceThe Company's opening has always been related to the magnificent Mexica (meh shee kah) culture, known as the Aztecs. Ritual dance was an integral part of pre-Columbian religion. Dances were choreographed to reflect the four cardinal points or the movement of stars. It was also believed that, because dance and music were gifts from the gods, the gods wanted men to honor them by dancing and singing.

Foot stomping was believed to fertilize the soil just like raindrops do, so dancing was vigorous. both men and women danced but they never danced with each other. The concept of social dance was introduced with the arrival of the Spaniards in 1519.

MFDC's dance repertoire includes several dance suites that reflect this momentous period:
• La Primera Evolución - 1982
• Cuadro Náhuatl - 1983
• Ritual dedicado al Sol - 1986
• Los Concheros - 1990
• Suite Pre-Colombina - 1997

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